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Boat Rentals Terms & Conditions
Certificate of Competence
  • BoatCenter only contracts boat rentals with holders of certificate of competence suitable to the vessel and the navigation area;
  • When the client is in short of a certificate of competence, Boatcenter will provide a Skipper, for a fee, to command the vessel;
  • It is not allowed to the client to transfer the vessel on loan or hire.
  • Our published rental prices are retail prices and include VAT:
  • rated at 6% for rentals with mandatory skipper included (Rand Escape 30, Chaparral 257 SSX or similar)
  • rated at 6% for the remaining boats (Rand Play 24, Joker Clubman 22, Joker Clubman 24 , Quicksilver 555, Joker Coaster 420 or similar), only if skipper is hired and added to the reservation, otherwise VAT 23% will have to be paid increasing final price
  • We reserve the right to change prices at any time without previous warning.
  • Confirmed reservations will be honored under the established conditions at the time of our validation.
Reservations and Payments
  • Reservations can be made by: Website, e-mail, BoatCenter APP,telephone or at our shop
  • Reservations are only valid after availability confirmation by BoatCenter and effective payment of 50% or 100%
  • Payment should be 50% with reservation and 50% up to 30 days prior to embarkation or 100% for reservations accepted within less than 30 days before embarking.
  • Safe deposit should be paid with rental payment or before embarkation;
  • Up to 30 days prior to embarkation: free rebooking or 90% deposit refund
  • Less than 30 days prior to embarkation: 75€ rebooking penalty or 70% refund
  • Less than 8 days prior to embarkation: 200€ rebooking penalty or no refund
  • Less than 48hours prior to embarkation: no refund
Cancelation due to bad weather
  • On rentals up to 2 days: free rebooking or full refund, if the rental hadn’t started.
  • On rentals above 2 days: free rebooking for the unused period or full refund of the unused period. Applicable only if boat is returned to base.
Safe deposit
  • Safe deposit payment is mandatory for each vessel and for each rental in the amount stated on Charters/ Boat Rentals Price List. This payment can be done by Bank Wire Transfer / Debit/ Credit Card or in Cash. This value is intended to guarantee the payment of any damages derived from misuse or negligence, breach of the terms and conditions, claims or losses of equipment, lack of fuel replacement or delays in delivery of the vessel.
  • This value will be returned in full, at the end of the rental, after verification of the good conditions of the boat; Therefore, in the event of check-out outside the Boatcenter, the deposit will only be returned once the boat has been removed from the water to check the submerged area.
  • In case of any anomaly in the vessel, the value of the deposit will be retained by BoatCenter.
  • The bank fees inherent in the retention of the deposit by credit card are the responsibility of the client and will therefore be reflected in the remaining amount receivable.
Duration and Penalty of Delays
The vessels can be rented for the following periods:
-1 Day 
-2 Weekdays on a row
-Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
-Week (7 days on a row)
-2 Weeks(14 days on a row) |
-1 Month  (30 days on a row)
-Pack of 10 rentals:
  1. 10 rentals of 1 day to be booked by the client accordingly to the vessel’s availability.
  2. Validity of the Pack of 10: 1 year after the date of aquision of the pack.
  3. If the vessel chosen for the Pack of 10 is occupied on the date the customer intends to use it, the client may choose another similar vessel. If the client chooses a boat with a value higher than the contracted, the difference in value / day of the vessels in question must be paid.
  4. If the client chooses a vessel with a daily value lower than the one contracted, there will be no room for financial settlement;
  5. If the vessel is delivered outside the established return time, 10% of the daily rental value of the respective vessel will be charged within the first hour and 20% per fraction of 15 minutes after the first hour;
  6. In all the mentioned rental modalities, each extra day will be charged as 1 day rental price.
Check In / Check Out
Full Day - 09h30 / 18h30
2 or more days: 09h30 - first day 18h30: Last day

Full Day: 09h30 | 17h30
2 or more days: 09h30 of the 1st day |17h30 last day

Full Day: 09h30 | 17h00
2 or more days: 09h30 of the 1st day |17h00 last day
Vessel’s conditions of delivery and return
-  The customer must, together with BoatCenter, check the full status of the vessel both on delivery and on its return;
-  The vessel is delivered with full fuel tank , and it has  up to 3 hours of navigation (engine running), after the 3 hours aplies the following fees:
Value per engine / hour stated on engine hour meter on the boats (or similar)
Inboard Engine (300 HP) Chaparral 257 SSX - 70 €/hour VAT inc
 Outboard Engine (200 HP) RAND Play 24 OB - 50 €/hour VAT inc
 Ourboard Engine (150 HP) RAND Source OB 22 - 40 €/hours VAT inc
 Outboard Engine (200 HP) Joker Boat Clubman 22 - 50 €/hour VAT inc
 Outboard Engine (150 HP) Joker Coaster 650' - 50 €/ hour VAT inc
 Outboard Engine (115 HP) Joker Boat Clubman 21 - 40 € /hour VAT inc
 Outboard Engine (115 HP) Quicksilver 605 - 40 €/ hour VAT inc
 Outboard Engine (60 HP) RAND Mana 23 - 30 € /hour VAT inc
-  The rental prices announced by BoatCenter refer to the rental of vessels based at our facilities in Setúbal. If the customer wants the delivery / return to be carried out in another place, the transportation costs will add, depending on the destination.
Our boats comply with Portuguese law as to mandatory insurance:
  • Civil responsibility towards third parties: 350.000€
  • Personal injuries:
  1. Funeral expenses: 750€
  2. Treatment expenses: 1000€
  3. Death or permanent invalidity: 10.000€
  4. BoatCenter, SA civil responsibility: 100.000€
  • All our boats are also insured for total loss on their own value.
  • Clients are advised to provide their own insurance in need or wish of greater or wider insurance coverage.
  • The client will be held responsible for all damages and losses inflicted to the vessel and for all the infractions to the rental terms and conditions, maritime, civil and penal laws;
  • The client will not use the vessel or allow its use by others: at any sportive competition | under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substances capable of reducing judgement capacities for the practice of crimes or transport of illegal goods.
  • In case of loss of the vessel’s documents or vessel’s keys the client will pay a penalty of 50€;
  • In case of vessel’s malfunction during the rental, BoatCenter,SA will provide a similar replacement vessel or will refund the client in a proportional amount to the unused rental time.
  • BoatCenter,SA will not be held responsible for clients lost property or abandoned items in the vessel during or after the rental period;
  • The client is responsible for all the vessels equipment, and is committed to report to Boatcenter,SA any loss, theft or damage.
  • The client shall be liable for all fines and other penalties imposed by the courts and authorities following any proceedings instituted in the course of the rental
  • For safty reasons our vessels are equipped with a geolocation device.
  • It is considered a similar boat, the one with equivalent size and power. The  allowed occupation is determined by the Certification and safety of the mentioned boats. We do not ensure the same people allowance in boats of the same class.
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