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Full Service
Boat on the water ready to sail all year round;
We are on the water, always ready to help you.

Parking / Maneuvers
"Dry Dock" concept gives you more comfort at a lower cost.
Parking in the open and under cover.
Less wear of yout boat and assessories, reducing annual maintenance costs (wash and paint the hull and zinc).

Terms & Conditions
Slipway in and out of the water all year round at a distance of a phone call
Every time you use your boat we remove and place back the covers, launch and retrieve the boat and flush your engine to reduce salt adverse action.

Wash and Cleaning – Mechanics
Fiberglass repairs - Polishing
Inspections – Documentation  - Registry


We know how to perform the best maintenance and we value your assets!
We provide all sort of boats so you may enjoy the sea in confort. Alone or with the family, with or without skipper (instructor), for pratical lessons or for a leisure day.

Bow riders, Cruisers, and acessories!

Take advantage of the surrounding nature, offer yourself and your family a different day out!

Boating with us is always at your range.

Terms & Conditions
We are committed in keep providing services where customer satisfaction, the quality and the rigor that distinguish us prevail.
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