Austin Parker AL 86 FLY

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Specifications & Capacities

Price w/ Engine: 2 x MAN i6 (2 x 800HP) - Diesel


VAT Included
Transport Not Included

Standards & Options

Main Dimension
Loam. 26.20 (86′)
Beamm. 6.60 (20.6′)
Laden weight 56.80 (118.689 lb)
Unladen weight 45.00t (99.208 lb)

Standard engine planing 2 x 1400 MAN V12
Max speed 33kn
Cruise speed 28kn
Standard engine displacement 2 x 800 MAN I6
Max speed 18kn
Cruise speed 14kn

Technical data
Fuel capacity 6000l (1374 us gals)
Water tank capacity 1500l (343 us gals)
Max person capacity 16
Navigation category A
Cabins 6 + 1
Bathrooms 5 + 1 
Price STD
Addicional info

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Austin Parker AL 86 FLY

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